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Looking ahead

[Open-air meeting]

Since our last "real" meeting, in the Lavender Garden at Langtons, we've stayed in touch via email and a couple of virtual meetings. Unfortunately, important activities such as street campaigning and recruitment must remain on hold until restrictions are lifted. We all hope that 2021 will see a return to normal operations - and some fresh announcements on this website!


Before you recycle...

[The Five Rs]Early last year we designed a pop-up banner to enhance our presence at street stalls, shows etc - but just as we were getting ready to "go to press" the virus struck. Hopefully we'll complete the project soon. The artwork includes our new, pentagonal variant of the familiar recycling symbol. We hope this will prompt wider discussion about other ways to conserve resources, which we've always promoted ahead of the "last resort" of recycling materials.

Global Climate Day

[HFoE Upminster stall]We did our bit for Global Climate Strike Day (20 September 2019) by running a stall in Upminster Town Centre. Many passers-by agreed that climate change was an important issue, and of course we tried our best to convince the handful who were sceptical to take a FoE leaflet home to read.

We were pleased to be able to swap notes with one or two visitors who were actively involved in climate research and campaigning. By lunchtime we'd given out all our leaflets - must order more next time!

HFoE at other events in 2019

[Havering Show 2019]We were grateful for an opportunity to hand out our plastics leaflets alongside the council's re-use and recycling stall at the 2019 Havering Show. The record-breaking late August heat made things more challenging than usual for everyone, but we met a fair number of interested visitors and enjoyed learning about the recycling team's campaigns.

Earlier in the year, in June we ran a successful stall at Valence House, where we gained a number of new contacts. Fewer visitors braved the rain at the Eastbrookend "Bee Bonanza Day" in July, but we enjoyed meeting the park ranger and the other exhibitors, and would like to be involved in future events there.

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