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Ready to roll!

[Roller Banner]

November 2021: After many months of discussions and refinements to the design, we're pleased to say that our new Roller Banner is ready for the road. It features locally-taken photos to highlight some of our campaigning issues: the plight of bees and other pollinators, pollution from road and air traffic, nature conservation, renewable energy, and the environmental cost of demolishing and replacing buildings instead of repurposing them.

We hope this banner will draw attention to our presence at street stalls and other events, and that our pentagonal variant of the familiar recycling symbol will prompt discussions about other ways to conserve resources, which we've always promoted ahead of the "last resort" of recycling materials.


Climate change

[Submerged houses (simulation)]

We've taken a close look at the Council's new Climate Action Plan. Despite encouraging noises from them in the press (including some kind words about our local group), we feel that their plan should put more emphasis on preventing climate change, rather than just adapting to it. As with previous issues such as air pollution, we need to move forward beyond monitoring and measuring (the easy bits!) toward actively planning, budgeting for, and implementing changes to reduce our Borough's carbon footprint.

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[Workman spraying pesticide]

Together with other environmental groups, we've been putting pressure on Havering Council and its contractor to stop routinely spraying Glyphosate-based weedkiller on roadsides and pavements. We believe this chemical, which is thought to cause cancer, poses a risk to both people and wildlife. A wider debate has started, about alternative methods to control weeds, and whether in some cases it would be better to accept and enjoy a natural carpet of attractive and beneficial wildflowers.


[Open-air meeting]

Sadly, while Coronavirus remains a hazard, we've decided not to restart indoor activities such as meetings and talks until a majority of our members feel comfortable with attending them. In the meantime, we've held a few meetings online, and a couple of outdoor ones at Langtons, a stone's throw from our traditional venue at Fairkytes. We all yearn for a return to our regular meeting schedule, which will of course be announced on this website.

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